Gamble Responsibly With BoVegas!

BoVegas always aims to provide customers with the best gaming and gambling activities, but we believe that playing online casinos should not only be entertaining and fascinating but responsible and safe as well. We work hard to ensure our customers can get assistance any time they need it. Check out this page to find out about responsible gaming at BoVegas, a casino guide. 

What Is Responsible Gaming

In order to protect players from any negative consequences of gambling, we highly recommend abiding by the following rules of responsible gaming: 

  • Always determine gambling as an entertaining activity that helps to kill time with pleasure. 
  • Remember that you should always pay for the entertainment. When spending money on gambling, determine it as a fee for amusement. 
  • When you win money gambling, take it as a nice bonus, don’t make it a source of income. 
  • Establish your time and money limits for gambling and stop the gaming activity as soon as you reach them. Know when to stop even if luck is on your side.
  • Research on gambling addiction and be aware of the early signs. 
  • Never borrow money for gambling; there is never a 100% chance of winning. 
  • Don’t gamble to escape from reality or cope with daily problems and loneliness. Come back to gamble when you are safe and sound to have fun only. 
  • If you feel that you are losing control over things, ask for help or contact our support agents to get helpful tips to fix your problems. 
  • Remember that only you are responsible for the money spent on gambling and the decisions you make. 

Tools for Players Protection at BoVegas

Each online casino is fully responsible for ensuring the best safe and enjoyable gambling services to our gamers. Discover our protection tools and use them if needed. 

Play Limits

Setting the right time and budget limits is very important to avoid losing control and managing your timetables and finances. If you want to restrict your budget for gaming, you can use our special tool of limiting the amount of your deposits per day, week, or month. Contact us or leave a request, and we will help you out.   

Casino Self-Exclusion

If you feel that the gaming process is no longer entertaining and want to disable your account, you should contact a casino customer support service and get all the necessary information.  

You can reach us via email, 24\7 live chat, or call us — it’s free. 

Email address:

Underage Gambling — Prevention & Treatment

In order to prevent minors from gambling, BoVegas IO highly recommends you to follow simple rules to avoid underage gaming activity by your family members or any person you know. 

  1. Make sure your computer is protected from kids with password or protection software. 
  2. Never save logins and passwords when registering at casino websites. 
  3. Keep your credit cards away from the underaged. 
  4. Let your children know all the consequences of gaming.

Remember that it is illegal for minors to gamble. BoVegas Casino aims to spread awareness about the danger of children gambling and uses advanced protecting services, such as age verification, targeted advertising, etc. We do everything in our power to guard children from online gambling and highly recommend that you stick to the rules to protect your family members. 

Get Help

When you feel like losing control over your gaming activity, spendings, or any other parts of your life connected to online gaming, you should reach out to customer support services immediately. If you notice any warning signs, don’t waste your time and get help as soon as possible: 

  • If you spend way too much time gambling online, missing important events, and losing track of time, this is the first sign of gaming addiction.  
  • If you spend too much money, borrow it, or play on credit — you should seek help as soon as possible. 
  • If you lie to other people about the amount of time and money devoted to online gaming, this is a huge indicator of addiction. 

BoVegas casino always supports its players and wants to deliver the best services to protect them. It’s okay to ask for help; that’s why we want to encourage our users to trust BoVegas and don’t be ashamed of seeking assistance. 

If you want to find out more about the signs of gaming addiction and get additional support from a professional psychologist, visit these websites: