BoVegas General Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to you if you’re using BoVegas. By becoming a user, you guarantee that you completely understand our rules and provide us with your agreement to follow our Terms and Conditions. Please, thoroughly read the terms and conditions provided below to ensure that you comprehend them and are ready to abide with our rules.

By the time you take the final registration step by clicking “REGISTER,” you’re becoming the Participant, and as such, you’re bound by the BoVegas terms and conditions and privacy policy, as well as its particular promotional offers and competition, and other relevant to your participation policies, which hereinafter will be collectively referred to as the ‘Rules.’ The Rules can be notified to you. The Rules can be modified from time to time.

The Participant is bound by the Rules whenever they are using the Service, the Software, as well as any platforms provided by BoVegas Online Casino. Any event connected to your participation becomes the subject of the Rules.

By using the most unrivaled methods to keep and secure our participants’ sensitive and personal data, which includes password information, login encryption, and the transmission of data to and from customers’ applications, we ensure protection to our customers.

Promotion- and offer-related terms and conditions can be modified. Looking for possible alterations lies within the responsibility of the client, thus consulting the Website or Support Service once in several months is highly recommended. If you do not agree to any part of the terms of service, you should stop using the Website immediately.

Opening Words: Glossary

To completely understand the above-mentioned, as well as further provided, information, please check the key definitions below.

BoVegas Online Casino:

“BoVegas Online Casino” is the collective name for all services offered online by our team. The blog website can be accessed via the desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.


A client registered at BoVegas IO is considered as Customer/Player/Participant.


Under this term, we understand any and all games reviewed on the website.


Any software that enables you to play the games in downloadable, flash, or mobile variants.


BoVegas Online Casino managing companies, as well as, depending on the context, its holding and associate companies.


Casino Player Data and Protection

This section is devoted to the player’s data and its protection. Please read it from top to bottom to get acquainted with the information.

1. BoVegas Casino accepts only players of the legal age; they need to be at least 18 years old in order to participate.

2. Online casinos don’t operate in the following countries: Belarus, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands Antilles, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine. Permanent and temporary residents, as well as users trying to gain access to a casino from these countries via VPN, are not eligible to open accounts, log in, deposit, bet, or perform any other activity at online casinos. Accounts that violate these restrictions are usually terminated.

3. Players from certain countries, namely Azerbaijan, will not be able to use Free Chip provided by some online casinos.

4. Each player is aware of and fully comprehends the rules of online gambling, as well as the Rules of a casino where he or she uses. Thus, customers accept that all the actions performed by them at the Online Casino are at their option, discretion, and risk and that any participation at the casino is for entertainment. Therefore, it is not for professional purposes.

5. Username and password are confidential information, and keeping it in private custody lies solely in the responsibility of the player. Thus, it’s prohibited to give that information to third parties. Take a note that a casino is not required to maintain the information in cases if the player forgets, loses, or misplaces their username or password.

6. BoVegas shall be used by players only for review of online gambling. Giving access to the website to others is prohibited.

7. Players shall not participate in abusive strategies. Casinos can go through the transactions and login details anytime, and nullify the user’s entitlement to promotions.

8. The results of casinos games are based on the Random Number Generation system, thus nothing and no one can manipulate the outcome of the game. Understanding it is essential to all players.

9. All players must fully understand that they may lose funds while gambling.

10. Players must fully comprehend that any online casino has the right to deny or limit any wagers placed by the player. The player can also be denied any bonus for the reasons of, including, but not limited to, defamation. Players who engage in abusive behaviors have their membership terminated and will not be able to join that Casino in the future.

11. Only players that provide a casino with the correct personal details shall be accepted.

12. Every casino retains the right to review login and transaction details at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

13. By signing up for the BoVegas offers, the user agrees to receive occasional promotional emails from us and our affiliate programs and partners.

14. Terms and conditions concerning Bovegas IO offers and promotions are subject to possible future changes. Being aware of the updated versions of those terms and conditions lies solely in the player’s responsibility.

15. To avoid any misunderstanding and confusion, players are strongly suggested to make a copy of game rules, recent transactions, and all the recent updates, and keep them in a handy place.

16. All players must get acquainted with the above-mentioned terms and conditions before registering at any online casino.

The breach of casino terms & conditions can lead to players being denied collecting their winnings. Any person who intentionally breaches terms and conditions may be considered as the one committing fraud and may become the subject of criminal prosecution.